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COVID-19-related Claims and Disputes

Litigation and Other Disputes arising from the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus and its Devastating Effects

The novel corona virus pandemic has given rise to an unthinkable, bad dream. Much of the world suffers from the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus, and we struggle to find a solution to the stranglehold that it has had on our communities, and the immense grief and suffering that it has caused for so many. We are forever indebted to those in the medical and other healthcare professions – including Atlanta’s Centers for Disease Control – who have dedicated their time and expertise to studying COVID-19, to caring for those effected by the corona virus, and to finding a cure.

The harmful effects of the corona virus are of course not limited to its physical manifestations. Many of our commercial communities have come to a standstill. Any business dependent upon foot-traffic and in-person connections faces challenges never before experienced. This is true as much in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia, as it is far beyond our borders.

The realities have only begun to emerge in the form of failures to pay as agreed, contracts broken, event cancellations, missed lease payments, healthcare-related problems, and stand-offs to see who makes the next move. The viability of many contracts is now totally up in the air. Age-old contract law principles such as force majeure, frustration of purpose, impossibility, impracticability, mutual departures, and Acts of God, among others, may play a role in whether those contracts are enforceable. Business interruption, healthcare, and other insurance also may be implicated, and both insurers and policy-holders must take special care to ensure that claims are timely, thoughtfully, and properly made. And regrettably, emerging alongside this economic hardship have been the sinister elements of our society, looking to exploit the trust and desperation of good people and honest businesses.

While the effects of the corona virus may be novel, the laws and legal principles applicable to the disputes arising from it are not. If you are faced with legal disputes arising from COVID-19-caused issues, you would do well to seek the legal guidance of a law firm that has many years of litigation and dispute resolution experience. While many courts have substantially curtailed in-person hearings, electronic filing and teleconferencing will enable the courts to conduct business as usual to the extent possible.

At the Maxim Law Firm, each of our litigators has over twenty years of litigation experience, with some over twenty-five years. Sometimes the opposition is reasonable, and it is just a matter of the parties’ counsel communicating to find a mutually-agreeable solution. Other times, a directed, aggressive approach is necessary to ensure that the opposition does not get lost in wasteful posturing.

If you are faced with a:

  • breach of contract;
  • breach of fiduciary duty;
  • healthcare-related dispute;
  • landlord-tenant dispute;
  • business operations or business governance dispute;
  • loan in default;
  • cancelled event;
  • closed venue;
  • premises liability;
  • business interruption insurance claim;
  • fraud;

or any other claims arising out of the novel corona virus pandemic, the Maxim Law Firm stands ready to explore with you whether this is the right law firm to help you resolve your legal dispute.

Please take care to protect yourselves and your families. Please also take the time to thank those on the front lines of combatting COVID-19, to whom we all owe our gratitude.

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