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Agribusiness and Agricultural Crop Damage Disputes

Trusted Legal Representation in Agriculture Litigation


Agricultural production involves numerous inputs and procedures to ensure a successful crop. When a crop fails, sometimes the finger-pointing begins. Issues can arise concerning the application or misapplication of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Crop damage claims often give rise to litigation, and a duel among the attorneys and experts to determine the true cause or causes of the crop failure or an unexpectedly reduced crop yield.

The Maxim Law Firm offers legal counseling and advocacy to individuals and businesses involved in agribusiness and crop damage disputes. Attorney Kevin Maxim grew up working on farms and orchards. He understands long days out in the field, the significance of chemical applications, and how innovations in satellite technology, ag equipment, and no-till farming have forever changed the agricultural industry. He also appreciates the special challenges facing organic and non-GMO farmers in the ever-growing organic produce marketplace. Kevin earned a degree in chemical engineering while in college, so he  is no stranger to the scientific principles that are often involved in agribusiness disputes. Perhaps most importantly, Kevin can provide the legal strategy necessary to achieve litigation goals when a client is faced with a crop damage dispute or agribusiness litigation.

A lawyer should be able to quickly assemble an expert team to analyze the crop damage at issue, and to begin providing a client feedback as to the potential causes of the damage and effective legal strategies. Crop damage disputes not only involve crop science and chemical analyses, but also economic analyses to examine the impact of the damage or reduced yield at issue. Attorney Kevin Maxim has meaningful experience in all of these disciplines and will bring those skills to bear in serving his clients.

The Maxim Law Firm will provide a powerful advocate in court or in alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation. Turn to the Maxim Law Firm to handle crop damage claims and litigation throughout Georgia, Alabama, and the Southeast.

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