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Often the most useful, or the most exciting, function of a product presents the greatest litigation risk. That risk can be reduced by thoughtfully drafted instructions, warnings, and disclaimers concerning a product’s operation. Yet, often the best-intended product information plan does not completely insulate a manufacturer or seller from product liability litigation.

The Maxim Law Firm, P.C. can help you effectively manage your product liability litigation. Our founder, Kevin Maxim, has counseled clients in the face of regulatory investigations and has defended against class action claims filed across the country. He has served as national litigation counsel to a medical products firm faced with nationwide, multidistrict litigation.

The Maxim Law Firm, P.C. offers an ideal balance of product liability litigation knowledge and competitive hourly rates. From single-incident claims, to claims alleging more widespread manufacturing defects, we stand ready to assist you in the Atlanta metro area, Georgia, Alabama, and throughout the Southeast.

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