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Identity theft can be devastating. Each of us encounters electronic transactions and communications multiple times each day. Each of those transactions or communications can present the risk of identity theft. Individuals, and any industry involved in electronic transactions, face a common enemy in those who perpetrate identity theft and fraud.

Congress and federal regulators have begun to implement laws and procedures to ease the burden on individuals faced with identity theft problems and related credit reporting issues. At the same time, they have imposed rules upon companies that sometimes provide them greater certainty in dealing with identity theft claims, and often increase the administrative burden of doing so.

Our founder, attorney Kevin Maxim, has experience in handling identity theft-related litigation. Individuals are generally in the best position to deal directly with credit reporting agencies in sorting out an identity theft mess (see, for example, However, at times the amounts at stake can be high enough to require the involvement of a litigation lawyer.

The Maxim Law Firm, P.C. can provide effective strategies in identity theft disputes when the stakes are high, and when identity theft problems give rise to disputes among businesses.

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