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Business Collections Actions

Atlanta Legal Representation in Payment and Collections Litigation

With the ever-changing economy, it remains crucial that businesses pursue sensible approaches to pursuing what they are owed. Creditors must understand not only how much is owed and by whom, but also what it will take to pursue the debt and to foreclose on collateral. Creditors often must investigate other debtor assets, where they exist, and how to secure and liquidate them as well.

After obtaining a judgment, a creditor’s legal team must consider the many means to collect upon it, such as obtaining a lien, which in Georgia is called a writ of fieri facias (or “fi. fa.”), or a writ of execution in federal court. Creditors should also consider exploring lien foreclosure, whether to pursue post-judgment discovery, or whether to commence a garnishment action against the debtor’s property, such as its bank accounts, its receivables, or other property. Creditors sometimes must seek legal assistance to domesticate an out-of-state judgment here in Georgia, or to pursue a Georgia judgment in other states. At The Maxim Law Firm, P.C., we stand ready to guide you in these efforts.

Our founder, attorney Kevin Maxim, serves businesses by providing them an understanding of the potential collection strategies, and the legal means to expedite recoveries. He has had many years of experience representing lenders in disputes over debts and how best to pursue them.

The Maxim Law Firm, P.C., will provide you effective strategies in collection actions and the right attorney to implement those strategies – all at competitive rates.

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