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Restaurant Litigation

The restaurant business is a tough business. Long hours, financial strains, fickle tastes, and demanding patrons can challenge even the coolest of temperaments.

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When a restaurant is a great success, that success can cause friction among the restaurant’s owners or investors. The same can be said for a restaurant that has fallen upon tough times. In addition, the cash flow of a restaurant can prove to be an overwhelming temptation to the less disciplined investor, manager, or employee. Regrettably, misappropriation, fraud, and embezzlement can occur, and perpetrators sometimes go to great lengths to cover their tracks. The law can assist in exposing such misconduct and bringing the wrongdoers to justice.

The Maxim Law Firm has stood beside owners, investors, landlords, and employees who faced legal disputes arising out of restaurant business. The Firm understands the personality and pride that can be poured into a restaurant and its theme, and how damaging it can be when unscrupulous partners or employees take advantage of the trust allowed them.

Attorney Kevin Maxim has a number of close family members and friends in the food service industry. He understands how restaurants make their money and where friction can arise. Perhaps more importantly, The Maxim Law Firm understands how to interpret the financial records of restaurants and bars, and has enlisted the assistance of renowned accounting experts to deliver an in-depth analysis of investments in restaurants and the returns on those investments.

The Firm can efficiently apply the law to seemingly complicated factual situations and sort out the claims and rights of disputing restaurant parties.

The Maxim Law Firm stands ready to assist in representing your interests in the restaurant business, whether it be as an investor, operator, franchisor, franchisee, landlord, or creditor.

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