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It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. It might also be said that the stronger the mark or more original the work, the higher the likelihood that someone, somewhere, will attempt to imitate it. When trademarks, trade dress, or copyrighted material provides a competitive edge, the more important it becomes for the owner to have an aggressive plan to protect that intellectual property.

Our founder, attorney Kevin Maxim, can provide you with the litigation edge that you need to help you to protect your intellectual property. He has counseled clients in trademark and copyright litigation arising from information and artwork posted on a professional Web site. He helped to guide clients through court procedures to accomplish a quick-strike TRO to seize counterfeit goods. He has served on a litigation team defending a major university against claims that it participated in a professor’s alleged scheme to divulge standardized test questions. He has combined legal skill with creative ability to help a client develop and protect a copyrighted design for a new business idea.

Look to us at The Maxim Law Firm, P.C. to assist in protecting your valuable trademark, trade dress and copyrighted assets. We can assist in not only securing federally-recognized protection, but can also head to court when you need a lawyer to aggressively pursue your rights in intellectual property litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

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