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The Internet has welcomed more businesses than ever into the realm of international commerce. With increased visibility comes the heightened threat of another enterprise attempting to steal competitive ideas and key employees. Further, it is often difficult to discern the line between competitive conduct that makes good business sense, and anti-competitive conduct that may risk violating federal and state law.

Attorney Kevin Maxim has the experience essential to ensuring that your business maintains its competitive edge. For example, he has served in a leading role in pursuing a corporate executive who allegedly left a client to join a competitor, only to start recruiting the client’s other executives in direct violation of her non-compete/non-recruit agreement. He has also counseled a number of clients considering the effect of their non-compete agreements as they look to other employment opportunities. In addition, he has successfully represented a client in trade secret litigation pursuing another firm that had unlawfully obtained and used the client’s sensitive customer lists.

When you are faced with antitrust, trade secret, or other competition-related litigation, The Maxim Law Firm, P.C. can supply you an attorney with the legal know-how and competitive rates that you need to successfully pursue your litigation goals.

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